Fast-paced service
From the idea to the finished packaging

Idea & Concept
A vision becomes a reality.

We have an idea and put this on paper. The international ECMA code applies to the folding box design. This means unusual shapes, individually devised and developed.

Graphics & Carton Prototype

The folding box receives its two-dimensional shape at the computer - before it becomes three-dimensionally understandable. Our design engineers position the text and image on the layout. It is tested both technically and functionally down to the tiniest detail before the carton prototype reaches series production maturity.

Spread & Pre-press
Precision is required here.

During pre-press, our expert minutely inspires the spread. Once the design is seamlessly positioned on the layout sketch, the artwork is ready. The data is transferred directly onto the offset plate due to fast-paced IT performance.

For brilliant printing results.

We are Austria’s first print shop to produce odourless and non-wearing and non-abrasive sheet-fed offset inks in our own Colour Competence Center. Our specialists from the ink lab mix and formulate your personal your customised colour schemes in no time at all. The ink ducts are then mechanically filled.

We print carefully.

The offset plates are adapted to the printing process. During proofing, the critical eyes of our printing press operator examines the register accuracy and print quality.

Your Deluxe Package.

Whether it is the ink pigments, metallic pigments or lacquers - we give your product a high quality imprint! During the hot foil embossing stage, wafer-thin foil is pressed onto the spread. This also requires precision! High precision tools achieve the finest lines and generous areas on the cardboard during the foil and structure embossing process.

Die-cutting & Glueing
From 2-D to 3-D.

In the die-cutting shop, ultra-sharp cutting dies lift the contour out of the spread. The shape of the packaging is now visible as a flat plane, and a different cutting die is used, depending on the contour. This is a tedious job.

It is finally done! The packaging is now brought into its three-dimensional shape in the glueing shop. The individual die-cut pieces race through the automatic glueing units at an enormous speed. The adhesion mechanisms are highly varied.

Quality Control
Our tests are controlled.

Every cardboard packaging is controlled and documented for its high quality during the production cycle. We perform additional tests in our in-house quality laboratory - partly with selected, in-house groups of people.

We have BRC Packaging certification. This means that the maximum cleanliness of our products and work processes are not a promise, but a guarantee.

Wrapper Processes
Grippingly attractive product wrappers.

The wrapper process is an additional finishing variation. In this process, a sturdy carton is covered using a high quality material. This involves demanding manufacturing work from our experts.

Packaging & Logistics
Already en route.

What a hive of activity! Prompt delivery service has priority. Our employees do their best for you in our speedy packaging work flow.