Packaging technology through continued education

Anita Kovacic and Kurt Vergeiner completed their apprenticeship in packaging technology

The current and future economic world is designed for professional qualifications, and the call for more skilled workers is as loud as ever. Two concerns, which followed Anita Kovacic and Kurt Vergeiner at Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach. They completed their apprenticeship in packaging technology while they worked...

The apprentices’ age for Anita Kovacic (35 years) and Kurt Vergeiner (50 years) is already significantly above the usual average. For more than ten years, the machine operator Anita worked in the glueing shop and Kurt worked in the hot foil embossing shop at Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach. Nonetheless or nevertheless, they wanted to complete their apprenticeships in packaging technology. In this industry and many others, the product quality demands are increasing, which goes hand in hand with highly specialised technology and employee training. "For me it was very important to have completed an apprenticeship in my profession. Now I am also qualified personnel", says Anita Kovacic, justifying her ambitious commitment. In January 2013, she and her company colleagues started the course "Preparation for the skilled workers examination in packaging technology by means of continued education".

For two years they persisted and did not give up, completed the course programs in Vienna - a total of eight weeks in several blocks over two years - and ambitiously pursued their goal. All in addition to their strenuous, everyday working life. On 23 January 2015 their finally held their coveted "packaging technician” diplomas in their hand.
Their commitment is clearly evident in the continued everyday work. As professionals, they stay in control and and help steer the order processing in a knowledgeable manner. Now they are the ones that guide and encourage young colleagues and semi-skilled employees in the department. This is not only good for their confidence, it is also good for the company, because the thinking and competent actions not only applies to their activities but to others as well.