Enjoyment starts with the packaging.

For us, packaging is not just packaging. High quality foods require a presentation that awakens one’s cravings. The packaging sleeve assumes an important role as the communicator and information carrier and becomes the appetizer at Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach. Thanks to our clever opening mechanisms, your foods remain fresh for a long time.

Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach is BRC Packaging and GMP certified. We employ our know-how and many years of expertise not just to adapt to the continually evolving requirements, but to have a head start on them.


Robinson Test

The Robinson test according to DIN EN 1230-2 is used to test sensitive foodstuffs for their smell and taste neutrality. The printed packaging material is sealed airtight in glasses with the food specimen being tested. Persons with sensory training (taste testers) conduct taste tests after a precisely defined period of time.

ECMA Standard

We produce according to the standards of the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA). It defines a collection of standardised die-cut packaging and folding boxes. The dimensions are variable, allowing us to develop almost any shapes and folding boxes, and to tailor these individually to your product.