We operate sustainably.

Our footprint is green.
Ecological and economical.

Environmentally conscious actions are not an obligation for us but a need, and these are firmly anchored in the corporate policy. Since the founding of Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach, we have been optimising our business and production processes in terms of this ecological and economical thinking. As a result of the available natural resources, our company is viable and competitive in the long term.

"We understand that a healthy environment worth maintaining in the long term requires the commitment of industry - not just in its products, but in all the business's investments." Ralph Joser, CFO - Management

Our goal is to increase efficiency by two percent per year. We plan to have a fossil-free operating facility by 2020.

Our approach to sustainability.

We analyse and organise the overall situation before the end of the respective production process. Ways to optimise are examined and worked out from the outset.

  • An attempt to reduce consumption and to avoid the use of various resources, if possible, is at the beginning.
  • The efficient use of non-avoidable resources results in savings.
  • If neither prevention nor an improvement in efficiency is possible, compensatory measures are employed: Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach has offset its non-avoidable CO2 emissions for this reason, and thereby became one of the first the carbon neutral printing companies.

We are committed.
For the environment.

Active waste management and sewage treatment plant
Alcohol-free printing: Abandoning the use of isopropyl alcohol wherever possible
Eco-friendly drum technology in the printing process
Low-migration inks
High-bay racks made of wood
Use of wood in all construction phases wherever possible, technology/statics permitting
Geothermal heat (New construction test probes and groundwater in pre-existing structure)
Heat recovery (printing machines and ventilation)
Photovoltaic system: Reduction of approx 330 tons of CO2 annually
LED lighting, high efficiency fluorescent tubes in new building, movement detectors
Compressed air: higher level compressed air controller, replacement of compressed air network

For our employees.

Healthy snacks; In-house canteen - fresh and without flavour enhancers; water dispensers throughout production facility
Ergonomics project: Physiotherapy care and treatments
Work ergonomics with professional physical therapists: Analysis, catalogue of impacts and measures; Training series for neck, spine and inter-vertebral discs
“Fitness at the workplace” project: Customised programme for every employee
Physical therapy aids and small gym
Employee mobility: Reimbursement of 25% of costs of public transport; Bicycle competition; CO2-free mobility
Safety at the workplace: Eyeglasses for monitor use - financial support. Costs for ear protectors, work clothes and safety footwear paid by company

Joint commitment.
Your customers also profit from this.

Climate or CO2-neutral printing: We employ climate-neutral printing since July 2009, if this is what you wish. The emission values are calculated per print order and a compensation amount is specified. The offset amount equals about 1.5% to 3.0% of the order value and is invested in a climate protection project of your choice. This can be used to balance out the negative CO2 household in an understandable manner. Active involvement in voluntary climate protection is confirmed for your customers and consumers by the imprint on the label or packaging.
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Certification: FSC® is a non-profit, independent institution, which guarantees the evaluation and testing according to internationally agreed environmental, social and industry standards. The considerate management of the forests promotes the economy and provides effective, sustainable incentives. With this, we meet the growing interest of your customers in the raw material wood: Because wood, obtained under FSC®, does not contribute to the ongoing global destruction.
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes - Chain of Custody (PEFC): PEFC stands for careful management of the forests. This becomes visible for your customers as a result of the imprint of the respective logo on the cardboard sleeve.

Excellently sustainable.
Our prices, your safety.

VORARLBERGER KLIMASCHUTZPREIS 2010 (2010 Climate Protection Prize for Vorarlberg Region): First place for authentic products and services in the category “Company and innovative products and/or services”

Easy Fair, Vienna 2011: Green Packaging Award

Participation in the first Austrian LEEN network: The VKW and Wirtschaftskammer Vorarlberg (WKV) project - with the scientific support of the Munich Research Centre for energy economy (FFE) - is the objective of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Participation in the 3rd Energy Efficiency Network Vorarlberg: The Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG project (2017-2021) aims to manage resources more efficiently and more economically.