This packaging looks good enough to eat.

We employ brilliant image quality and attractive packaging solutions to tempt your customers to nibble. With confectionery and in the area of sweets, there is a huge choice of treats. The packaging must therefore not only protect the sweet content, be odourless and tasteless and comply with highest hygiene standards, but also become an eye-catcher. With innovative packaging and high quality finishes, we exquisitely put your products in the limelight - and animate your customers to make a purchase at the point of sale.

From standard packaging of special solutions to special constructions, in the offset printing house Schwarzach, you get full service from a single source.


Robinson Test

The Robinson test according to DIN EN 1230-2 is used to test sensitive foodstuffs for their smell and taste neutrality. The printed packaging material is sealed airtight in glasses with the food specimen being tested. Persons with sensory training (taste testers) conduct taste tests after a precisely defined period of time.

ECMA Standard

We produce according to the standards of the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA). It defines a collection of standardised die-cut packaging and folding boxes. The dimensions are variable, allowing us to develop almost any shapes and folding boxes, and to tailor these individually to your product.

Foil- & texture embossing

We turn your packaging into “that certain something”. We rely on the haptic and visual effects of the foil and texture embossing. The possibilities are enormous. You can choose from a large array of effect foils and we ensure your product draw attention to themselves. This not only achieves an additional product upgrade but also transports your brand image in ideal packaging. Productivity continues to remain high.