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Our printing is climate-neutral.

Active climate protection has never been this easy! Our footprint is GREEN. What about yours?

We use ClimatePartner for CO2-neutral printing. We calculate the emissions values for every selected print order and then show the compensation amount - between 2.0 and 5.0 percent. With this amount, we balance out the negative CO2 household in an understandable manner and commit ourselves to a climate protection project of your choice.

The process is absolutely transparent. Your packaging order displays the attractive ClimatePartner logo and is provided with an individual tracking number. This means everyone can view the climate protection project you are supporting on-line.

ISO 50001
Internationally acknowledged.

For its sophisticated energy management system, Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach was one of the first companies in the region to receive the certification according to the international standard ISO 50001

This helps companies  developing additional energy potential as a result of the implementation of ISO 50001 and are hence reducing the CO2 emissions even further. Every energy flow in a company is recorded and evaluated for this process. This analysis then reveals both the technical as well as the process and organisation-oriented measures that are being implemented for the long-term improvement of energy efficiency. With this certification the Vorarlberg manufacturer of fine cardboard packaging and labels is underlining its pioneering role in the need to be environmentally conscious.      

ISO 50001 & ISO 9001

In retrospect.


Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach GmbH is certified for the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) as of the beginning of May 2009.

FSC® stands for the traceability and the respectful handling of wood as an available raw material, which originates from exemplary managed forests where the planning is controlled, certified and conserves resources.

While PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) stands for a considerate management of forests, FSC® also guarantees the evaluation and testing according to internationally agreed environmental, social and economic standards. This becomes visible for the consumer as a result of the imprint of the respective logo on the cardboard sleeve.


We act sustainably.

We are a member of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes – Chain of Custody (PEFC) Certification since June 2009.

PEFC stands for a considerate management of the forests. This becomes visible to the end consumer as a result of the imprint of the logo on the packaging.

FSC® and PEFC are non-profit, independent institutions, which guarantee economical, ecological and socially sustainable actions. FSC® and PEFC classified raw materials mean no compromises for the packaging quality or for productivity.

We are Innovation Partners.

We had ourselves certified for this in January 2006: BRCGS Packaging Materials - the most stringent quality standard in the European packaging industry.

As an innovation partner in the areas of food, beverages and pharmaceuticals, we create a high level of transparency with this certificate - in our company and for our customers.

We are involved in a process of continuous improvement with regard to product safety and product quality. We feel it is important to guarantee a standard level of security for the entire supplier chain, to control the risks and to strengthen the trust of our customers.

ISO 9001
Internationally acknowledged.

We offer you with increased security with the standard recognised worldwide for quality management and work systems.

We feel obliged to make ongoing improvements. Our quality management is controlled and improved at regular evaluation reviews since your satisfaction is important to us.

ISO 50001 & ISO 9001

Visibly safe.

We have been DPG certified since March 2006. As a result, we can apply special safety features and print on corresponding labels.

An uniform return process for non-refundable beverage packaging has been in effect in Germany since 1 May 2006: Deutsche Pfandgesellschaft mbH.

Consistently good.

GMP deals with measures to fulfil special legislative requirements for folded boxes that come into contact with foodstuffs.

GMP is the acronym for Good Manufacturing Practice. We use it to guarantee that materials and packaging are manufactured and inspected in a consistent manner. Our packaging always complies with the latest regulations and high quality standards.

This results in tested packaging systems (connection between cardboard, printing ink, adhesive, etc.) for safe use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

We are Proof-certified.

Our proof commitment and proof production process has been certified with the legally valid FOGRA certificate since June 2006.

As our customer, effective immediately, you will receive proofs together with a detailed evaluation report, which documents the FOGRA standard. Regardless of this certification, we are continually optimising the proof production process within the defined tolerance limits defined by FOGRA.

With this certification, we guarantee the maximum levels are employed to examine the colour accuracies in preparation for printing production. We consider this the basis for a final product that meets your wishes.

ISO 12647
ISO 12647 Certificate

Der ProzessStandard Offsetdruck ist die industrielle und standardisierte Produktion von Drucksachen.

Our certification ISO 12647 - Process Standard Offset " Premium PSO " - reduced tolerances - includes data handling & color management , digital proof creation and platemaking in sheetfed offset .


We operate sustainably.

ÖKOPROFIT® is a model for the sustainable industrial development of a region. And we are certified.

Environmental awareness and ecological actions are our top priority. We have had this confirmed through the ÖKOPROFIT® certificate: We reduce operational emissions, treat natural resources with care and lower the operating costs at the same time.

This means you profit from us as a consistent, sustainably operating delivery partner. We are conscious of the fact that your customers are increasingly demand sustainably effective goods and business processes. With the ÖKOPROFIT® image we also safeguard the future sustainable business processes and jobs for you and the region.

ÖKOPROFIT® compact:

  • We improve our local environmental situation and practice preventive environmental protection.
  • We optimise our production and work flow economically, thereby promoting a sustainable, cost-effective development of the business and the region.
  • Ökoprofit promotes the partner-like interaction between the State and private sector.



Die Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach übernimmt eine Vorreiterrolle in Sachen Klimaschutz und ist seit Mitte 2012 "klimaneutrales Unternehmen". Das bedeutet, dass alle CO2-Emissionen die sich nicht vermeiden lassen, durch Investitionen in Klimaprojekte ausgeglichen werden. Den aktuellen Umfang dieser Maßnahmen sind transparent auf der Seite von ClimatePartner einzusehen.

The American way.

FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration and is the American licensing administration for food and drugs.

The organisation specifies the regulations for the registration of companies in the food industry. With the FDA certification, our products meet the requirements of globally active pharmaceutical manufacturers.

This also means that our packaging is certified for the US market.