A new dimension of fine cardboard packaging
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a new dimension of fine cardboard

The Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach sees itself as a living tool in its customers’ brand strategy. Their partners are industrial and manufacturing operations, the processing, filling, packaging industry and international trading companies.

International producers and suppliers of the consumer goods industry put their trust in the more than 50 years of experience in designing, printing, refining and processing of cardboard jackets.


Successful marketing of packaging materials
Successful marketing of packaging materials

Successful marketing of packaging materials promotes maximum quality and safety. The transfer of chemical components in the packaging material to foods or into bulk materials is undesirable. We are interested in the sustainable success of your products. This is why we guarantee the maximum quality and safety of our raw materials.

We use odourless and low-migration printing inks. These are continuously brought up to the latest standard of technology in close co-operation with the printing ink manufacturers.

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Fast-paced service
From the idea to the finished packaging


1. Taking a rough idea to the start of production with prototypes.

2. Critical eyes examine the accuracy of fit and printing quality.

3. After printing and embossing, it’s off to the pressroom.

4. Wide variety of finishing processes and the packaging is ready.